Evelyn Lin




Murari Choudhury

Executive Director and Direct Manager

Network for Enterprise Enhancement and Development Support

"Evelyn is an excellent coordinator with strong PM skills... She is a highly self-motivated and committed individual. She displayed not only inspiring enthusiasm toward her work, but also a great sense of ownership and responsibility over the tasks entrusted to her."

December, 2011

Rimmy Taneja

Program Manager (Business Partner)


"Evelyn has constantly sought for opportunities to support organization growth for the RTI Coalition and NEEDS through improving PME procedures. She represents a model for volunteerism. I wish she could extend her placement for another year to bring the RTI platform forward."

December, 2011

NOHA Master's Degree Diploma
International Humanitarian Action
Ruhr University, Bochum, Germanyhttp://www.equalworld.info/downloads/Evelyn%20Chihyu%20Lin%20-%20NOHA%20Master's%20Degree%20Diploma%20Bochum.pdf
Master's Degree Diploma
Mass Communication
University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI, USAhttp://www.equalworld.info/downloads/Evelyn%20Chihyu%20Lin%20-%20Master's%20Degree%20Diploma%20Mass%20Communication%20UW.pdf
Bachelor's Degree Diploma
Political Science
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwanhttp://www.equalworld.info/downloads/Evelyn%20Chihyu%20Lin%20-%20Bachelor's%20Degree%20Diploma%20Political%20Science%20NTU.pdf
CUSO-VSO Development
Workshop Certificate
Ottawa, Canadahttp://www.equalworld.info/downloads/Evelyn%20Chihyu%20Lin%20-%20CUSO-VSO%20Development%20Workshop%20Certificate.pdf
Red Cross Field Safety & Security
Training Certificate
Berlin, Germanyhttp://www.equalworld.info/downloads/Evelyn%20Chihyu%20Lin%20-%20Red%20Cross%20Field%20Safety%20&%20Security%20Training%20Certificate.pdf


Katy Maguire

Monitor & Evaluation Adviser Volunteer (Colleague)


"I have great respect of Evelyn's work ethic. Lesser volunteers would never have gotten so far. She is a brilliant example for volunteers and volunteering."

December, 2011

Vu Lee

Board Vice President & Committee Chair (Direct Manager)


"Evelyn's experience and expertise in research theory and practice have been instrumental to VNSF's progress. She helped us tremendously to revise our research strategies, assess the effectiveness of our programs, and design new programs to help out students."

March, 2010

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